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Interested in selling or buying music rights?


We've created a catalog management platform called Unna & wholesale music marketplace called Icelandic Music Services that facilitate the buying & selling of music & music rights by connecting  Musicians, Singers, Songwriters & Music Catalog owners to interested buyers.


About Us


Music fans have gone from buying records to copying music onto cassettes, to illegal file sharing, to legally purchasing music online, to legally streaming music- without limits.

The music management and revenue system needs to evolve with changing technology & modern music consumption. Today’s revenue collection was developed for a different era. Music is more abundantly accessible than ever, yet audience spending & artist profit is at an unprecedented low.

As a music rights owner you should be paid on usage. It’s only fair.

There is a solution.

Welcome to Icelandic Music Services

“Would be great if everyone involved in making our song could get more visibility on how we’re doing in real time.
— Anonymous, Songwriter